Autodesk - AutoCAD Architecture 2019 Full version

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Autodesk - AutoCAD Architecture 2019 Full version
Autodesk - AutoCAD Architecture 2019 Full version (abbreviated as ACAD) is a version of Autodesk’s flagship product, AutoCAD, with tools and functions specially suited to architectural work. Architectural objects have a relationship to one another and interact with each other intelligently. For example, a window has a relationship to the wall that contains it. If you move or delete the wall, the window reacts accordingly. Objects can be represented in both 2D and 3D.

In addition, intelligent architectural objects maintain dynamic links with construction documents and specifications, resulting in more accurate project deliverables. When someone deletes or modifies a door, for example, the door schedule can be automatically updated. Spaces and areas update automatically when certain elements are changed, calculations such as square footage are always up to date.

Autodesk - AutoCAD Architecture 2019 Full version uses the DWG file format but an object enabler is needed to access, display, and manipulate object data in applications different from AutoCAD Architecture. AutoCAD Architecture was formerly known as AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (often abbreviated ADT) but Autodesk changed its name for the 2008 edition. The change was made to better match the names of Autodesk’s other discipline-specific packages, such as AutoCAD Electrical and AutoCAD Mechanical.

For architects requiring access to additional BIM (Building Information Modelling) software, Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture can be purchased on a subscription basis as part of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and is now part of AutoCAD with specialised toolsets.

Key Features of Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture:
  • DWG compare: Compare and document the differences between 2 versions of a drawing or xref
  • Save to web and mobile: Save drawings from your desktop to view and edit on the AutoCAD web and mobile apps
  • 2D graphics: Enjoy fast zoom, pan, and change draw orders and layer properties
  • User interface: Experience improved visuals with new flat-design icons and 4K enhancements
  • High Resolution (4K) Monitor Support
  • PDF import: Import geometry, including SHX font files, fills, raster images, and TrueType text, into a drawing from a PDF
  • Object grips: Easily reshape, move, or manipulate geometry with grip editing
  • Create tables with data and symbols in rows and columns, apply formulas, and link to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

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