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Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.3.1 Full version

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Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.3.1 Full version
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Download Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.3.1 Full version Download Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.3.1 Full version Download Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.3.1 Full version
Monophonic, raw and unbelievably versatile. Cyclop is packed with tools for the bass of the future and beyond. Wobble Knob, FX Sequencer and a hilariously versatile sound engine will give you endless joy. 

  • Monophonic Setup
  • 6x2 Synthesizer, incl. Sample Transformer & Phase Stressor
  • 10x2 Filter, incl. Vowel Mode
  • FX Sequencer 
  • Deep Modulation System
  • Effective Preset Cloud Browser
  • Free Signal Flow
  • Wobble Generator! 

 Oscillators: Everything starts here...
Saw Regiment | Analogue | FM | Transformer | Spectromat | Phase Stressor 

Cyclop derives its power from the two sound generators. Spectral, digital, fat analog or use your own samples as a wavetable. These beasts do one thing very well: delivering cutting-edge digital madness at the low end of the frequency spectrum. 

 Wobble Knob
Cyclop will blow your mind. Wobble bass? Dubstep? Do something completely new! 

Wobble expert: rhythmical material is the special power of this synthesizer. The Wobble Generator modulates synth- & filter with various waveforms at tempo-synced rates. The knob recorder allows to run automations along with your MIDI notes. 

 Modulation Madness
Innovative modulation concept - deep and accessible. 

Enjoy an incredible depth of sound design possibilities & great real-time control over 16 different target parameters. Along with the wobble generator, the more traditional sources like envelope, LFO (9 waveforms), a 16 step sequencer or the sound knob add up to five modulators. Knowledgable Prof. Garbutt does an excellent job explaining Cyclop’s modulators and their 16 possible targets: 

 Cyclop FX: Made to impress
Pattern-based sequencer with the FX knob as automatable controller. 

The effect section is a mixture of Effectrix and Turnado flavors.The four sequencer lanes each hold a different group of effects. The multi effect can be controlled per the FX knob or via a sequencer. Rhythmical effects a lá Effectrix or Turnado at your fingertips – complex sound design becomes child’s play. 
  • Pitch Looper (4x pitch down, 4x pitch up) 
  • Looper with 8 lengths 
  • Vinyl Effects (Tape Stop, Vinyl, Scratch) 
  • Classic Delays

Windows: 67.6 MB | MacOS: 127 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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