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Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT Library

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Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT Library
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Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT Library Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT Library Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT Library
Esraj & Erhu - Ethnic String Phrases continues our journey deep within the cultures of India and China. It is a toolbox for composers, invented to capture the exceptional magic of live performed instruments. Esraj & Erhu phrases embody the honest emotional expression being the core of music. Providing the enormous vitality of two traditional string instruments. Both Esraj and Erhu create an unbelievably sincere feeling, enabling it to enliven every musical setting. The outcome is a versatile and easy-to-use instrument with a huge variety of overwhelming string phrases.

The two string instruments cover a huge variety of different styles and techniques: From very simple and touching phrases, all the way to extremely virtuous and stirring ones. All of them can be adjusted in key, speed, length, succession and connection. This guarantees the perfect fit for its human touch in all styles and moods.

Inspired by our Lyrical Series, we created the same intuitive and easy to use interface that gives you instant access to the most essential features as well as the freedom to dive deeper to shape your sound as you wish.


  • 670+ matchless and live perfomed phrases
  • 19 themes
  • 2 Ethnic String Instruments
  • Erhu legato und Esraj sustain instruments included

With short endings, you can conclude and switch between passages easily. The speed knob at the center allows precise timing control. All phrases were recorded to fit multiple tempi and remain expressive without a set meter.

To merge the powers of both traditional and phrase-based sampling, Erhu legato und Esraj sustain instruments have been included. They can be used to either to connect or to advance existing phrases, or even to craft your own ones. Be prepared to implement your creative vision with ease into your scores.

Each theme comes with 15 different phrases (starting, middle and end phrases). They are designed to perfectly fit your track. In addition, there are two short endings per theme to quickly end a phrase. This setup gives you the freedom to conveniently combine different phrases the way you want.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 2.28 GB
ZIP Password: www.4download.net
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  1. KlS
    3 May 2020 23:47
    thanks bro
  2. Nathaniel
    7 May 2020 03:10
    The password www.4download.net doesn't work for some reason
    1. rockmasterzone
      28 July 2020 05:56
      Hi Did you get the Rar password ?
  3. killerx
    20 May 2020 20:36
    thanx admin, eagerly wanted another indian ethnic libraries
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