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Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version

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Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version
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Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version Apulsoft bundle v2020.7 Full version
The new psychoacoustic audio plugin apUnmask has been released! It detects the parts of your audio that are normally masked by louder features. It works like the detection stage of an mp3/mp4 encoder, but the results are applied in reverse. Instead of removing those "inaudible" signal components to compress data, apUnmask boosts them to create hyperrealistic audio, helping human ears to hear otherwise hidden details.

apulSoft apUnmask is an audio plugin to amplify components of the audio that are psychoacoustically masked by other components. To achieve this, apUnmask uses parts of the detector algorithm of the opus high-quality audio compression codec. Signal components that would get removed by compression are extracted. These can normally not be heard as they are masked by louder components in time and frequency. apUnmask enables amplifying and sculpting the masked content and adding it to the music.

To shape the frequencies of the extracted signal, it is fed through a linear phase graphical equalizer. It features a bezier curve smoothed frequency response without overshoot. The result is a form of hyperrealistic audio. The process helps the listener to hear more aspects of the music at the same time. apUnmask can be used as a mastering effect or as an intelligent exciter for single instruments.

apulSoft apShaper is an audio effect plugin to add harmonic distortion to audio signals. It combines a waveshaper with three filter bands and various modulation options - two lfos, a dynamics detector, and user-configurable knobs. apShaper can simulate various types of distortion, including tape and tube saturation, wavefolding and analog bitcrushing.

The three filter bands come directly from apulSoft apQualizr2 and offer the same great quality without frequency squeezing at high frequencies. The included variable slope low-pass filter type allows smooth slopes not possible by traditional filtering - ideal to gently shape signals with large amounts of distortion applied.

apulSoft apQualizr2 is a multiband equalizer audio plugin. Filter bands are graphically edited on top of a frequency analyzer. It features modular modulation of various filter parameters. apQualizr2 can be used for all standard EQ applications and can produce many modulation and dynamics effects thanks to the included dynamics and lfo modules. Filter bands can be controlled with midi keyboards and controllers using the built-in midi module. 

apTrigga3 is an audio insert effect plugin that detects trigger events on its input signal which are used to add or replace sounds. It has extensive sample management features, flexible synthesizer layers with multiple envelopes and a modulation section that allows per sample modulation of most parameters. apTrigga3 features an input filter section with a built-in frequency analyzer and an unlimited number of configurable filter bands to shape the input signal.

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