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Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1 Full version

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Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1 Full version
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Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1 Full version Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1 Full version Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1 Full version
Even though the laws of thermodynamics long ago ruled out the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, EZkeys Hybrid Harp comes very close. The laws of physics may still apply, but fact remains that this peculiar ‘machine’ has an inherent mojo that seems to make sure you’re never short of ideas. It literally runs and feeds off of you and your own imagination. 

EZkeys Hybrid Harp presents five individual instruments, all layered, textured and saturated in various capacities to form unique and never-before-heard hybrids of sounds. The undisputed star of the group is an iconic Style 23 harp. In addition to this, a traditional Swedish nyckelharpa (or “keyed fiddle”), two harmoniums, a bowed glockenspiel and a set of ocarinas were sampled. Combined, this seemingly odd group of instruments – that in logical terms have no earthly business sharing the same sonic space - culminate in what must be described as a vastly puzzling audio universe of plucking, percussive, soaring, airy, beautiful and ever-so-slightly dissonant sounds. 

Welcome to one of the most multifaceted EZkeys titles yet – one that will trigger parts of your creative mind you didn’t know existed. These are sounds ideal for anything you can imagine. Literally. 

  • Five types of individually captured instrument types: a harp, a nyckelharpa, two harmoniums, ocarinas and a bowed glockenspiel
  • Each instrument can be called up individually using the ‘Raw Tweaks’ presets
  • In excess of 40 mix-ready presets, offering creative instrument blends of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds
  • For any type of music or production – ideally ambient soundscapes, scores and sound design 

Windows: 611 MB | MacOS: 586 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. cubaseartist13
    23 August 2020 00:21
    Hi, How do you open the exe keygen on a Mac?
    1. Se7enW
      23 August 2020 08:57
      Use Wineksin. You can download for free
    2. Agastya
      22 November 2020 05:49
      The keygen isnt working
    3. Agastya
      22 November 2020 05:50
      Can someone check if the keygen works because its not working for me
  2. cubaseartist13
    24 August 2020 01:23
    Thank you.
  3. rixkv
    13 October 2020 09:27
    hatur nuhun
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