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ISM Kikzilla v1.0.2 Full version

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ISM Kikzilla v1.0.2 Full version
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It’s always been a dreadful routing job to add rumbling to a kick drum. Depending on your DAW you had to root your kick drum track to a send track, insert a reverb there followed by a side chain controlled gate etc. Or something alike. Mostly worse. That’s why we built kikzilla to create rumbling in a simple way. And of course we didn’t stay with a replica – we’ve added useful functions like freeze, drag&drop and reverse playout. 

The plugin’s input signal is rooted to a reverb followed by a gate which is controlled/ triggered by the input signal. And of course there’s a low pass filter (12/24 dB) and a distortion unit to create real rumbling noise. An Equalizer helps to pick your favourite frequency bands. A disadvantage of the processing chain up to here might be that it might take some time to „fill up“ the reverb. So the rumbling for the first kicks track might not be as cool as for the later ones. That’s why we added the freeze function.

  • FREEZE: The rumbling sound will be recorded from the next kick (or whatever) coming in
  • Audio Drag & Drop: Kikzilla also allows to drag & drop a frozen rumble sample to your DAW
  • Forward or reverse, single sounds or even 4 beats
  • EDIT: Now you’re able to edit your rumble as an Audio file
  • Short it, duplicate it – edit it your own way to make your perfect fitting rumble!
  • Low pass filter (12/24 dB)
  • Distortion unit, equalizer

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  1. lam of god
    30 August 2020 03:44
    uphoria and FAWsublab please...  sob 
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