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DJ Swivel The Sauce v1.2 Full version

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DJ Swivel The Sauce v1.2 Full version
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The Sauce Audio FX Plugin, DJ Swivel’s premier creative tool for dramatic vocal processing. The Sauce brings you all the essential ingredients you need to creatively transform your vocals in one simple plugin. Oh, and it sounds great on drums and instruments too. Find your flavor with The Sauce now!

 Highlights / Features

Sculpt & shift the pitch and formant modulation of both mono and polyphonic audio in real time. These effects are commonly used to manipulate vocals, giving that “vocal chop” sound heard in countless Pop, Dance, and Hip-Hop hits. But if you’re feeling adventurous try it on drums, you won’t be disappointed!

 Sugar & Spice
Every sauce needs a little sugar and spice. Add your choice of harmonic saturation or overdrive distortion on the Spice knob, and chorus or flanger effects on the sugar knob.

Use these two parallel compressor options to tame or aggressively squeeze your input signal. These two compressor options can also be fed by a sidechain input.

Add a little air with 3 different convolution reverb options, all modeled after some of DJ Swivel’s favorites from both past and present. A small room, a medium plate, or a large hall. This knob is treated as a mix knob allowing a 100% wet signal, enabling The Sauce to be used as an FX return.

Drip is a classic modern delay and echo modulation, with built in high and low pass filters, along with a ping pong option. Simple, yet effective.

The Sauce allows for all of the above effects to be processed both as a whole, or individually across three user definable multiband layers. This allows for endless possibilities of sounds and effects never heard before, and not currently available in a standalone plugin like this.

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  1. odemalikidrus
    13 October 2020 16:18
    Akhirnya, terimakasih admin!
  2. twonartis
    14 October 2020 04:55
    Can I please get the link to download for mac. For some reason this one will not work
  3. Alief A.R
    26 October 2020 20:42
    Drip Plugin Full Version Plz Bro and LFO Tool full Version(VST Effect)
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