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Big Fish Audio Ambient Minimalism 2 KONTAKT Library
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Big Fish Audio and Funk/Soul Productions are proud to bring you Ambient Minimalism 2: The Dark Side; the darker counterpart to the beautiful virtual instrument, Ambient Minimalism. Ambient Minimalism 2 is a loop and sample-based virtual instrument that can be used to quickly and easily create mysterious and unsettling ambient soundscapes, backing tracks, and cinematic cues.

Each instrument patch in Ambient Minimalism 2 contains dozens of loops and one-shots, giving you a wide variety of musical elements and motifs to work with. All instrument patches were recorded in the same key, or designed to work with other dissonant material, so you can mix and match any patches and easily achieve highly musical results. This library features eleven multi-sampled instrument patches including all sorts of dark and creepy pianos, Upright bass, wurlitzer, detuned glass, ominous horns, and others.

Additionally, a set of twelve key-switches (colored red) can be used to change the key of any patch or musical element (loop, pad, etc), allowing you to play in any key and create chord progressions or modulations with the touch of a finger. There are forty-four patches included and hundreds of loops, samples, and one-shots covering a wide range of sounds. The patches are organized into four separate categories: Tonal, Experimental, Melodic, and Rhythmic. In total there is nearly 6GB of uncompressed WAV data. Lastly, we’ve created thirty-six multi patches for you to discover interesting and haunting sound combinations.

Whether you’re a professional composer or producer on a tight deadline, or a beginner with little or no musical training, you’ll find that Ambient Minimalism 2 is a fast and easy way to create great-sounding ambient tracks for your productions.

  • 44 unique and complementary patches including 11 chromatic instruments
  • Over 2,527 loops, phrases, one-shots, and samples that fit together seamlessly
  • 36 Multis for quick and unique sound combinations
  • Quickly change the key on the fly to work in any production and create custom chord progressions.

 The Patches
Ambient Minimalism features 44 different complementary patches (nearly 6 GB of uncompressed wav data), divided into four categories:
  1. Tonal
  2. Experimental
  3. Melodic
  4. Rhythmic

 Tonal Patches
  • Upright Bass Effects
  • Upright Bass Effect Loops
  • Low Prepared Piano
  • Dark Ambient Piano Elements
  • Dark Ambient Loops
  • Atmospheric Loops
  • Ambient Harp Loops
  • Ambient Dissonant Loops
  • Ambient Cello Loops

 Experimental Patches
  • Prepared Piano Elements
  • Piano Clusters
  • Ghosts in the Piano
  • Dramatic Risers
  • Discordant Prepared Piano
  • Detuned Autoharp Loops
  • Dark Minimalist Noisescapes
  • Dark Ambient Piano Elements Reverse
  • Dark Ambient Loops Reverse
  • Ambient Rhythmic Loops Reverse
  • Ambient Pedal Steel FX
  • Ambient Pedal Steel FX Reverse
  • Ambient Harp Loops Reverse
  • Ambient Harp Effects
  • Ambient Harp Effects Reverse
  • Ambient Cello Effects

 Melodic Patches
  • Wood Flute Elements
  • Pitch-Shifted Glass
  • Ominous Ambient Horns
  • Old Piano Elements
  • Muted Prepared Piano
  • Detuned Glass
  • Dark Ambient Wurlitzer
  • Dark Ambient Upright Piano
  • Dark Ambient Upright Bass
  • Dark Ambient Old Piano
  • Ambient Melodic Cello Elements

 Rhythmic Patches
  • Wood Drum Loops
  • Minimalist Percussion Loops
  • Minimalist Beats
  • Dark Percussion
  • Dark Ambient Electro Loops
  • Ambient Taikos
  • Ambient Percussion Loops
  • Ambient Mixed Rhythmic Loops

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 3.19 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. DeadEye
    15 October 2020 00:46
    Can you upload a good sounding string library please? Something like CineStrings , Berlin Strings , Cinematic Studio Strings , Spitfire stuff etc. That would be nice!
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