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D16 Group Plugin Bundle 2020.10 Full version

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D16 Group Plugin Bundle 2020.10 Full version
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The musicians at D16 Group are no strangers to modeling the best characteristics of vintage gear, and it shows in their modulation plug-ins. Fazortan is a phaser plug-in created with D16’s most advanced modeling techniques that combines the rich sound of ’70s phaser effects, with dual LFOs that give you an astonishing array of modulation effects. The Syntorus chorus plug-in emulates an analog unit with dual delay lines, which allows you to re-create virtually any classic chorus effect.

With the D16 Group Collection, you’ll get six amazing effects plug-ins that give you incredible sound design potential. Synthesists at Sweetwater have been impressed with D16 Group’s software instruments, and we’re excited to see the same attention to detail and rich sound in their effects plug-ins. This bundle covers everything from versatile distortion and bit crushing to lush reverb and vibrant chorus and phaser effects. You’ll be able to add new layers of excitement and depth to your mixes, with the D16 Group Collection plug-in bundle. 

 D16 Plugin Bundle 21.10.2020 Windows
  1. Antresol v1.1.4
  2. Decimort v2.1.6
  3. Devastor v2.1.6
  4. Fazortan v2.0.0
  5. Frontier v1.0.0
  6. Godfazer v1.0.1
  7. Redoptor v2.0.1
  8. Repeater v1.1.5
  9. Sigmund v1.1.2
  10. Spacerek v1.0.0
  11. Syntorus v2.0.2
  12. Tekturon v1.0.8
  13. Toraverb v2.0.2

Windows: 269 MB
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  1. The Duke
    24 October 2020 18:44
    How do I authorize Spacerek? It's not one of the options on the keygen.
    1. 4download
      25 October 2020 15:48
      Please redownload.....thanks....
      1. The Duke
        25 October 2020 17:55
        Thanks for the super quick fix, you guys are amazing...
  2. HaydnESheldon
    24 October 2020 22:47
    Works like a charm great bundle was looking for this one thank you mates cheers
  3. Granddaddygrand
    25 October 2020 04:43
    No spacerek key
    1. 4download
      25 October 2020 15:48
      File fixed.....thanks
  4. Granddaddygrand
    26 October 2020 18:41
    Thank you kindly your the best!
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