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Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version

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Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version
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Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.1.3 Full version
Initial Audio proudly presents Heat Up 3. A major update to our hugely successful Heat Up 2 virtual instrument loved by music producers across the globe! The focus of Heat Up 3 is even better sound quality and much more expression to really bring out the best of each instrument. Heat Up 3 comes with over 860 instruments including a brand new expansion pack Studio Essentials. With it´s focus on genres such as Hiphop, Trap and RnB Heatup3 is the perfect go-to solution for modern Beatmakers and Producers looking for a high-quality sound source.

There are many choices out there today for music producers when it comes to audio plugins. We are sure you already have many plugins that you love so why buy Heat Up 3? The simple answer is quality, value and a massive range of sounds that every producer needs, all in one simple to use plugin.

The main advantage of Heat Up 3 is that it uses high quality multi samples recorded from many different sources, we have real recorded instruments such as pianos and brasses as well samples from a multitude of analog and digital hardware. Heat Up 3 captures the unique sound of lots of different types of instruments, all rolled into one easy to use plugin.

 The North – Heat Up 3 Expansion
The North expansion pack comes with 116 additional presets for Heatup3 inspired by OVO. Expand your Heatup3 library with new 808´s, basses, leads, pads, plucks, strings, synths, keys and more.

 Platinum Factory – Heat Up 3 Expansion
Platinum Factory comes with 359 additional presets for Heatup3 inspired by modern Hiphop and Trap genre artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Pump, Kanye West, Post Malone, Future and many more. Expand your Heatup3 library with new 808´s, basses, leads, pads, plucks, strings, synths, keys and more. Over 40 new sequences using Heatup3´s unique built-in sequencer will give you instant inspiration for new projects.

Windows: 623 MB | 4.76 GB | 6.30 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Ikandiam
    5 November 2020 11:51
    Link is broken
    Please fix
    1. 4download
      5 November 2020 15:01
      Please check again.....:)
  2. Avinash
    6 November 2020 09:52
    How to install ......locate library error ...every time i open it it shows that error ....i copy the library and paste into library folder ...plzz make a video on ho to install admin its a request 🙏
    1. NFA JAY
      7 November 2020 05:54
      yes the same error occurs for me as well! please help!
    2. NFA JAY
      7 November 2020 05:56
      i believe it will all work once all packs have been installed based on the preview of the folder contents idk though! mine are almost done downloading ill let you klnow
    3. NFA JAY
      7 November 2020 06:00
      it shows the expansion packs have library folders the heat up download does not have. it also says thhe expansion downloads come with "Heat Up 3 setup tutorials) that are not in the Heat Up3 download. I believe once i have them all downloaded ill be able to install them all and work fine. I'll update when i try it
  3. Abdulrehman Aslam
    6 November 2020 10:00
    Link is broken please fix it🤗
  4. thedjboyz
    6 November 2020 12:37

    1. 4download
      6 November 2020 23:31
      Please Check Alternative link
  5. NFA JAY
    7 November 2020 05:15
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My Wish has been granted! You're a legend! Now hopefully I don't have any installation problems like everybody else commenting!
  6. Ikandiam
    7 November 2020 11:13
    Google drive errror
  7. Ikandiam
    7 November 2020 11:34
    using mediafire is very slow to download
    Koi can activate the download using Google Drive
  8. renan123
    8 November 2020 08:26
    qual e a senha ?
  9. kane
    8 November 2020 14:56
    bro keygen is not working, it shows "WRONG CHALLENGE"
  10. Cherrybee
    8 November 2020 22:32
    there seem to be a lot of people having problems with this program not being able to locate the presets, as did I.  I found a solution on line.  I can't remember the name of the person but thanks to him/her I got it working, including the additional presets.
    1 - Download the demo version from the website.
    2 - Extract the program.
    3 - Run the installer to your desired location.
    4 - Run the program, select activate, then use the R2R KG.
    1. HaydnESheldon
      9 November 2020 04:37
      Well done mate well done indeed works like a charm thanks for the tip
      I knew it was missing the main Lib that was the issue but it works great now.
  11. Avinash
    9 November 2020 14:04
    Still got error ☹️☹️ Any body who installed it can tell me ...tried demo method also every time it shows locate the library after ading the library when i repopn it or change any prest it shows the error again plzz some body help 🙏🙏🙏☹️☹️
  12. Avinash
    9 November 2020 14:48
    Finally done....perfectly working 😊😁
    1. chris88
      9 November 2020 21:34
      comment as tu fait car moi j'ai bien installé la version démo plus r2r mais je n'ai pas de son et suis obligé à chaque ouverture de fichier d'aller rechercher la librairie manuellement !!!
  13. simphiwe
    15 November 2020 01:18
    Pls I made a mistake n extracted the exe file then deleted the ear..now they need a serial number in the plugin n I don't have it coz I deleted the whole rat..pls help
  14. simphiwe
    15 November 2020 01:19
    I mean the whole rat file...I JST need the serial number then am good to go pls help admin
  15. Ikandiam
    15 November 2020 21:11
    How to install library
    Library not found
    Please how to fix 
    And video tutorial
  16. Avinash
    16 December 2020 18:43
    It's working for me. 

    Optional - incase given steps didn't work

      First you need to download heatup 3 setup from officially site install it then do these steps - [this is secondary -Try without download official setup ]


    Create another folder ( Heatup Library )

    Then open north library ( don't copy the folder [select all files which is inside the folder ] 

    Then paste into the folder you crated [HL]

    Same step copy all files from platinum library 

    Then open heatup and choose the folder you created . Simple and easy your heatup will definitely work .
    Becoz mine is working

    You guys are doing wrong steps .
    You are adding north expansion and when ever you load any preset it's showing the error becoz the preset is from platinum and  if this didn't work then go to officially intial auto website and download the latest version of heatup 3 and do same step . I have heatup 3 from the oficial site and crack via keygen its worked .
  17. AntiProd
    20 December 2020 17:20
    pls 2 genişletme paketi matkap hiphop genişletme paketi paylaşımı: ihtiyacım var 
  18. AntiProd
    20 December 2020 17:20
    pls i need drill 2 expansion pack and other expansion pack pls share
  19. gunter3003
    11 January 2021 11:25
    help with Keygen wrong challenge?! please
  20. gunter3003
    11 January 2021 11:29
    help with keygen wrong challenge?!
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