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Gig Performer 3 v3.8.0 Full version

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Gig Performer 3 v3.8.0 Full version
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Guitarists, keyboard players, vocalists, drummers, wind players — build and control your live music rig with Gig Performer™ to transform and elevate your live performing experience by gaining complete control over the sound of your instrument or voice. Our innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design, called a Rackspace, which transforms your plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system. And our impressive list of cutting edge features allow you to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects… easily, and with little power usage.

Songs let you reuse your rackspaces. For example, a single rackspace containing an acoustic piano sound can be reused to cover 10 songs needing piano. Reusing rackspaces greatly reduces load times and memory needs. Guitarists will love that song parts can be accessed directly using a MIDI pedal controller, as well as from a control surface or Gig Performer’s main window. 

Gig Performer’s Predictive Loading™ feature, which slims resource demands by loading only the next few rackspaces that will be needed, can now be applied at the song level. All parts of a song are loaded into memory when the song is selected for glitchless, instant switching. At the same time, Predictive Loading limits CPU and memory requirements. 

Control surface support has been strengthened with the addition of bidirectional MIDI control of widgets on Gig Performer rack panels, and the program now allows programming and transmitting sysex (MIDI System Exclusive) messages, commonly used with hardware synthesizers. 

We've spent countless hours making sure that Gig Performer uses as few CPU cycles as possible. 

Works on OS X and Windows devices. Your GIG files can be opened on both platforms. Supports VST, VST3 and AU plugins 

Record all incoming audio inputs easily for later post processing in a DAW. Saved wave files are automatically timestamped - perfect for touring bands. All incoming MIDI data can be saved to a Standard MIDI File, complete with tempo changes.

Switch between your rack spaces - INSTANTLY and GLITCH FREE. Easily create variations of your rackspace. Switch between variations seamlessly - even while holding notes. 

 MIDI & OSC Support
Use your existing MIDI and OSC devices and apps. Map any control to any controllable parameter. 

Our Rig Manager allows you to move between your home and studio setup with a single click

Synchronize Gig Performer's tempo with applications running on other connected computers or tablets. 

Gig Performer 3 adds support for the Chord Pro lead sheet format. This allows Chord Pro documents to be created, edited, and linked to songs in a setlist so a chords-and-lyrics chart can be opened when a song is selected 

Forget about channel strips, busses, auxes and sends. Just route audio from one plugin to another by connecting them together with wires. Functionality like inserts, sends and side-chaining become trivial. 

A powerful, proprietary scripting language allows you to customize your rig's behaviour to the max. 

Associate specific MIDI devices with particular plugins easily and visually. Use transpose, channel mapping, MIDI out settings and more... 

Built in 4, 8 and 16 channel mixer/router

No more confusing busses, sends, auxes or inserts used by traditional channel-strip approaches. Using the front and back panel views, simply connect plugins to each other any way you want, then custom-design Panels to control each Rackspace. You can then design a number of Variations, which allow multiple sets of settings for a single Rackspace… and switch INSTANTLY between them. 

For instance, if you create a Rackspace consisting of an electric piano and some effects (phase, reverb, tremolo)  then you can switch instantly from fast deep tremolo, to slow mellow tremolo plus reverb, and so on, even while still holding notes. Plus, you can customize your Panels using a variety of available widgets (knobs, switches, levers, LEDs), and colored face plates. 

Gig Performer™ makes the most of your plugins whether you’re using it to control the effects processing of your instrument, your voice, or both simultaneously. You can also use Gig Performer™ with your existing environment, by training it to recognize the controls on your keyboards, OSC apps, MIDI expression pedals and control surfaces, and then use them to control plugin parameters. Of course, you’ll also enjoy expected features such as layering and splitting operations, and individual transposition.

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