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King Oz Records Plugins Bundle 22.11.2020 Full version

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King Oz Records Plugins Bundle 22.11.2020 Full version
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Audio plug-ins made by king OZ records found in here.

 King OZ: DSP boardstation 
The DSPplug boardstation makes it easy to mix with 40 bands that can be easily automated. It sounds professional and works quickly. You’ll be very pleased with the DSPplug boardstation.

 King OZ: VSTplug compressor 
The VSTplug compressor is an algorithm designed by Cytosonic, who is a very credible and innovative sound designer and specialist. There wasn’t too much added and the algorithm is used with permissions. There remains some extra attention required to the algorithm which guages gain reduction; but keep in mind this compressor is designed to be your lightest on the cpu. It’s not designed to do everything.

 King OZ: VSTplug compressor2 
The VSTplug compressor2 uses a bit more CPU than the VSTplug compressor, but it allows shaping and versatile control unlike anything anything you’ve tried.

 King OZ – DSPplug Freq3
The DSPplug freq3 is the answer to the desire that there could be a fast, reliable and well designed equalizer that could work as well or beside the fruity parametric EQ2. The fruity parametric EQ2 has been a staple of the industry, providing speed and reliability. This eq intends to match that versatility: But, I tried to cater the sound design to those thrillseekers hoping for hollywood smoothness rather than grit.

 King OZ – DSPplug Omega Vocal Gate 
This new version is initially a standalone version specifically designed to allow you to hit the ground running with not much effort. Turn it on, press a button have your mic plugged in and make a video. It works.

 King OZ: phase cancel 
VSTplug phase cancel uses a unique algorithm to avoid the phase cancellation phenomenon; in such a way to avoid the normally destructive effect’s consequences. All to often, imposing this effect will negate stereo effect which is desired, and yet the amount of phase cancellation remains too high. Perhaps a new setting will be added to this product to add a more stringent invocation of cancellation, but the reality is, stereo width achieves the same purpose. So what does the end user wish? To avoid stereo effect altogether or to deal with a minute amount of phase.

 King OZ: DSPplug silverhawk 
The silverhawk is one of the fastest EQ’s ever made. For only 10 dollars (now on sale for 5 Dollars for a limited time!), you get a studio quality EQ with studio level readouts able to make your mixes pop. Available in both forced mono (will make anything mono) and stereo!

Windows: 158 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. jpmeriz
    29 November 2020 13:39
    What about the great mcDSP FX Plugin Bundles. Thanks Bro !!!
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