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Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor v1.4.0.4 Full version

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Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor v1.4.0.4 Full version
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It is impossible to overstate the importance of the final mastering stage when mixing, as it can make or break a recording. The FG-X Mastering Processor is Slate Digital’s award-winning mastering plugin that combines an ultra-transparent compressor, the industry’s most coveted loudness enhancer, and a comprehensive metering panel. FG-X can make your mixes louder without altering the dynamics, removing punch, or skewing your mix balances.

The FG-Level Loudness enhancer module uses a proprietary process called “Intelligent Transient Preservation”, or ITP. ITP looks ahead at your mix peaks and optimizes a custom saturation curve that best preserves its characteristics. For example, if it sees a kick drum, it will create a saturation curve that best preserves low end energy. If it sees a snare drum, it will saturate it with a curve that best retains midrange punch. Overall, the ITP will keep your mixes punchy and dynamic while making them competitively loud.

Dynamic Perception is a process that will simulate more dynamics in your mix, which can be helpful in the loudness process as dynamics are reduced. It’s a very powerful control that can really help retain the original dynamics of your mix, or even add a bit more.

Lo Punch can raise the level of the low-end punch of the mix (like the kick drum level, for instance) while Detail will raise the level of the high-end punch (such as a snare drum). These controls are intended to be used to customize the amount of transient articulation in the final master.

 Transparent Compression
The FG-Comp is a world-class mastering compressor and leveler, capable of extremely transparent compression that is unrivaled in both the digital and analog domains.

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