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Hugh Padgham Drum for SampleTank

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Hugh Padgham Drum for SampleTank
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Want to add some '80s punch and flair to your next big production? Check out Hugh Padgham Drums, a high-definition drum and MIDI groove SampleTank instruments collection. It lets you take full control of the engineer-producer's unique "stone room" drum sound with over 3,600 samples and 240 MIDI patterns.

Remember the drum sound of Phil Collins’ smash hit “In the Air Tonight”? They have massive amounts of atmosphere and reverb, but they also manage to retain their clarity, punch and aggressiveness. Hugh Padgham engineered that sound, and now you can have it. Hugh Padgham Drums gives you access to his unique sound which has been featured on works by Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Human League, Abba's Frida Lyngstad and countless other '80s hitmakers.

Hugh Padgham Drums gives you 27 multi-velocity and round robin drum kit instruments: You get 2 kick drums, 2 snare drums, 6 toms, 5 cymbals and a whole assortment of hi-hats. Each of these instruments has been sampled with multiple microphones in an extremely "live" sounding stone room. For each, you can adjust the mixture of ambience to include both room-miked and close-miked samples — this means you can add that same kind of dynamic atmosphere and punch to your playing.

The drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping so you can mix-and-match kit elements from the Hugh Padgham Drums collection with elements from other SampleTank factory drum kits or from other drum-centric SampleTank instruments collections like the Neil Peart or Terry Bozzio kits.In addition to the sounds, you also get 240 MIDI patterns inspired by Hugh's classic works.
These patterns have been programmed by IK's team of experts to inspire new on-the-spot percussive ideas.

And while it's sonic palette is ideal for rock and pop arrangements, Hugh Padgham Drums' adjustable mic mix means that it's sounds are also a great fit for metal, EDM, film score music and a whole lot more.


 2 Multis
  • 240 MIDI Patterns
  • 11 Standard Kit Instruments
  • 16 Room Mixing Kit Instruments

 Library size
  • Over 3GB of content
  • Over 3,600 drum kit samples
  • 240 MIDI patterns
  • 2 Multis
  • 27 Instruments

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the SampleTank from IK Multimedia. You can Download SampleTank Full version HERE

File Size: 906 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Radioniche
    4 June 2021 01:25
    It gives Issues to Install Library in Win 10
  2. Serigala Bengis
    6 October 2021 13:05
    Mas, pas diinstall 99% habis itu muncul keterangan gagap terinstall. VST lainnya lancar semua. Ini VST yg paling saya cari penggemar berat 80an dan Phil Collins. Apakah bisa dicek lagi mas VST nya? 

    *gagal terinstall
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