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Sharm Studio v7.12 Full version

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Sharm Studio v7.12 Full version
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Sharm Studio is a software tool that lets you record, edit, and mix sounds. You’ll be able to create effective, high-quality, studio-level audio soundtracks quickly and easily. Precisely control different audio and music aspects with a simple-to-use graph panel. You can compose beautiful background ambient music without any prior music knowledge. 

  1. Recording: Record hypnosis scripts and suggestions with your own voice. Use the built-in script recorder for easy reading.
  2. Sound Editor: Edit your recorded sound files immediately after recording. Remove unwanted voice segments. Re-record any part, as needed.
  3. Ambient Music: Leverage automatic ambient music composition. Adjust the music to your session needs. Create your own, original, royalty-free music.
  4. Nature Sounds: Add and mix relaxing nature sounds. Enhance your sessions with a wide variety of soothing nature voices with a click of a button. 
  5. Export: Export your sessions to sound files, to listen anywhere—on a CD player, MP3 player, smart phone or tablet. 
  6. Studio Sound Production: Produce high-quality audio sessions. Add real-time effects, such as Reverb and Echo. Give away or sell the recorded sessions.
  7. Prerecorded Voices: Select from many ready-to-use prerecorded suggested and scripts across many categories. 
  8. Script Recording: Read and record your scripts while automatically scrolling the text for precise timing.
  9. Brainwave Entrainment: Create sessions with binaural and monaural beat, isochronic tones and bilateral panning. 

 System Requirements:
  • Desktop, laptop, Ultrabook or tablet
  • Intel processor or compatible; 4 GB RAM memory
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • 200MB disk space
  • 1280x768 screen resolution
  • Headphones or speakers, and a microphone

Windows: 182 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • Sharm-Studio the Work-space

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