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Rawoltage GLORY v1.0 Full version

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Rawoltage GLORY v1.0 Full version
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We created GLORY following the basics of classic synthesizer design. With it’s analog style oscillators and additional wav oscillators, we can create truly unique sounds. The sound of the real-time oscillators can be mixed with a single-layer wavetable synthesis, and can be enhanced with an additional wave (transient) sample. A custom sub oscillator is available to create a variety of bass tones. You can further shape the sound of the oscillators with High or Low Pass Moog or Hybrid style filters and FM-PWM modulation. You can improve the sound with the Matrix Designer, and for the final polish, use the FX section.

  • Analog oscillators: Square, Saw and Triangle waveforms. We designed our own oscillators based on analog signal generation.
  • SUB oscillator: Morph freely between three waveforms to produce the appropriate sub sound.
  • Single layer wavetable oscillator: Create custom oscillator sounds produced by any single cycle wav files. It’s special sound is different from the usual sounds.
  • Transient oscillator: Use your own recorded transient waves for a unique sound. Transients define the mood of a sound.

 FM modulations:
Delayed LFO, controlled vibrato with 6 types of waveforms, gate and sync options. Auto and manual bending can also be controlled with the aftertouch.

 VCF filters and modulations:
Choose from Moog or hybrid style custom filter. Complex control of cutoff and resonance of the Low and High Pass Filter, through modulaton and aftertouch.

 ADSR & LFO control:
Double ADSR with spline to linear transition. LFO with 6 types of waveforms, gate and sync options. LFO wave with positive / negative start.

 Matrix Designer
Two sources can be selected to produce special modulating LFO. LFO delay option. PWM control with 6 types of modulation. Oscillator tuning option. SUB oscillator waveshaping with graphic visualization.

 FX station
  • OVER DRIVE: (Classic overdive with soft edge function)
  • DELAY / AUTOPAN: (Optional VCA or VCF control)
  • REVERB: (ADSR controlled mid range damping)
  • STINGS: (Highlight details + resonance)
  • PHASER: (Time synchronized phaser) 

Windows: 14.6 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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