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Waves 13 Complete v13.11.10.21 Full version

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Waves 13 Complete v13.11.10.21 Full version
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The World’s Largest Selection of Audio Plugins. From the industry's most popular compressors and EQs to award-winning reverbs and delays: The world's largest selection of plugins for music production, mixing, mastering & more

 What’s New In V13

Native M1 Compatibility with ARM Silicon computers. See full list of supported DAWs

Compatibility for all DAWs providing Windows 11 support

Scheps Omni Channel, Abbey Road RS124 and Kaleidoscopes now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs

Ongoing improvements, bug fixes, and additional updates. See full list of updates

Windows: 5.50 GB | MacOS: 5.22 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. mapeng2908
    13 October 2021 12:16
    Can anyone confirm if this works on M1 2021?
    btw this is the INSTRUCTION inside the compressed file:

    1. Go to waves folder and Install Waves Central and Run
    2. Select Offline Installer and Click Install from an Offline Installer
    3. Browse the Waves folder you downloaded (Inside : 1 - Installer) (For Mac Users, move folder to "Users/yourname/public/")
    4. Select the plugins you like and Install
    5. Apply patch
    6. Removes waves local server :
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer
    killall WavesLocalServer & rm -rf /Library/Application\ Support/Waves/WavesLocalServer
    7. RESTART
    8. Run AU Reg tool Build R 215024 for AU 
    9. Enjoy
    1. Kruppelfield
      13 October 2021 20:58
      Try V12, I can confirm it works there
    2. cagb80
      13 October 2021 23:17
      Is not working :( v13 off yet!
      1. Kruppelfield
        14 October 2021 00:01
        v12 or v13?

        1. cagb80
          14 October 2021 02:57
          With V13 the patch doesn't work.
          I used the online V12 with the patch. It worked!
          1. mapeng2908
            14 October 2021 11:26
            V12 is working with M1?
            1. cagb80
              15 October 2021 12:54
              Yep... I still using it 'cuz V13 doesn't work as expected!
            2. RANDOMMMMMM1111111
              Yesterday, 23:59
              hey man, studiorack stereo works for u fine? if yes which folder did u put studiorack in to? my fl studio is crashing every time when I try to open studiorack. 
              v12 btw 
  2. scott asher
    15 October 2021 04:47
    Wont let me download from either link, says too many people have viewed it????? So what do I do?????
    1. Kruppelfield
      15 October 2021 15:57
      Well then you would need to be patient, the download limit fix doesn't work for everyone unfortunately
  3. matzebutters
    Yesterday, 14:11
    Hey Guys, unfortunately I didn't get it to go. If I did something wrong it must have been step 6. Nevertheless if I open the my DAW (Logic) it doesn't recognize the Licenses. Hopefully someone can help me...

    Im on M1 Mac 

    Thanks Guys!
    1. matzebutters
      Yesterday, 14:20
      I mean where to move the data folder to? You let it be in "public"? 
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