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Scarbee Pre Bass Amped v1.1.0 KONTAKT Library

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Scarbee Pre Bass Amped v1.1.0 KONTAKT Library
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  • Sampled electric bass from Scarbee
  • Production-ready sounds with four amp setups
  • Vast set of playing techniques for true authenticity

SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED is a faithfully sampled Fender® Precision bass recorded through four different amplifiers for incredibly authentic bottom end. Created by accomplished bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye, this instrument is based on the renowned Scarbee Blue Bass.

In order to give you ready-to-use sounds for your productions, SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED offers the choice between four different amp setups.
  • Fat is a round and tight bass sound specially produced for rock and pop oriented music productions.
  • Heavy is an edgy and hard bass sound specially produced for heavy rock oriented music productions.
  • Crunchy is a powerful and mildly distorted bass sound specially produced for rock oriented music productions.
  • Pop is a fat and crispy bass sound specially produced for R&B and pop oriented music productions.

Recorded with round-wound strings to get a fat and dirty sound, SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED also features a vast and incredibly intuitive set of playing techniques. The level of expression makes for a truly authentic and fun playing experience, and lends itself to a wide range of styles, from reggae, to pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and much more.

SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED is fully playable in real time, with almost all articulations (including mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace notes and more) available without key switches. What's more, SCARBEE PREBASS AMPED makes exceptional use of the KONTAKT interface, displaying a fretboard overview with articulations dynamically updated as you play. With over 4,000 samples covering all four strings, nine velocity layers, and advanced scripting that makes playing both highly intuitive and stunningly authentic, it's easy to see why the pros choose SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED.

Thomas Hansen Skarbye is a highly regarded bassist who has worked with artists such as Nile Rogers (Chic) and Alicia Keys. His sound design brand has become synonymous with quality and playability, and his sampled instruments have become the first choice of many top producers and musicians all over the world.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 11.5 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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