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Steinberg Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version

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Steinberg Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version
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Download Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version Download Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version Download Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version Download Cubase Elements 11 v11.0.30 Full version
Designed for singer/songwriters, TV composers, and home recording artists, Steinberg Cubase Elements 11 provides a streamlined music-production environment that combines fast and intuitive tools with pristine audio quality. This software can be used for composing, sequencing, beat making, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering—making it ideal for producing and scoring tracks from start to finish on a budget, in all genres.

For superior audio quality, Cubase Elements 11 utilizes a 64-bit audio engine compatible with resolutions up to 192 kHz. The software offers 48 audio, 64 MIDI, and 24 instrument tracks with full automatic delay compensation and flexible routing options, and can accommodate up to 24 physical inputs and outputs as well as 16 group channels. Users have access to 45 audio FX plug-ins, three virtual instruments with over 1000 sounds, sidechain inputs, and the ability to integrate with Yamaha's Motif keyboard workstation.

Cubase Elements 11 comes with a set of tools for scoring to picture including basic score layout and printing. Plus the Video Export Render function allows you to export video files straight from your Cubase project and quickly share them with clients and other composers.

 New to Cubase Elements 11
  • Sampler Track 2: Improved Sampling Editor with features including slicing, LFOs, and legato/glide.
  • Squasher: New dynamic tool to improve leads, tame bass, and enhance reverb for EDM.
  • Scale Assistant: Analyze, follow, or quantize to a scale, or play live in tune.
  • Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more in the MIDI CC.
  • New Samples: Six fresh and exclusive sound and loop sets.

 Additional Enhancements in Version 11
  • Multiple Sidechain: Improved multiple sidechain input architecture.
  • Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling options for Windows.
  • Apple Metal Acceleration: Enjoy maximum Mac performance.
  • Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier.

 Steinberg Cubase Elements 11 eXTended:
  • Number of audio tracks up to unlimited
  • Number of MIDI tracks up to unlimited
  • Number for instrument tracks up to unlimited
  • Physical inputs and outputs up to 256
  • Group channels up to 256
  • FX return channels up to 64
  • Number insers up to 16
  • Number of included audio effect plugins up to 74
  • OMF, AAF, MXF import/export
  • Nuendo project import
  • 5.1 surround
  • Audio Alignment
  • ARA2 support

Windows: 595 MB | MacOS: 870 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • Introducing Cubase 11
  • How to Download

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