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Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains v3.0 KONTAKT Library

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Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains v3.0 KONTAKT Library
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Sound Aesthetics Sampling Mountains - This library contains lush and warm pads and textures. It is small in size but definitely big in sound. The update now includes a whole palette of new sounds that range from cinematic piano sounds over beautiful harp sounds to rich atmospheres. Furthermore are you now able to further shape the raw sounds by taking advantage of the improved modulation possibilities and the extended fx rack.

 MAIN INTERFACESound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains Main interfaceThe new interface gives you now full ADSR control and has a master section where you can set Stereo width, Filter (LP) cutoff, Output gain and Panorama position. Each of the three patches has also some individual controls like a con sordino button for the strings or tape saturation settings for the pads. In addition to that does each of the three patches have individual controls like reverse function, con sordino button etc. Look up the manual for more information. 

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains ModulationReally go crazy with the new modulation engine for mountains. Create smooth filter and pan sweeps or crazy rhythms using one of the five available sequencers along with the four LFOs. The Sequencers can modulate distortion, filter, volume, pan and mod fx. All of them are time independent, so you can set the tempo for each of the five individually. In addition to that do you get four LFOs, which can control volume, pan, pitch and stereo width. They can be synched to your host as well. The snapshots include an INIT and and INIT (Smooth) snapshot. Use the INIT (Smooth) snapshot if you really want to draw smooth filter or volume curves. Otherwise just use the regular one.
EFFECT RACKSound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains Effect rackThe Fx rack includes Reverb, Phaser, Delay, LoFi, Convolution and Eq. It is divided into three tabs. Tab 1 contains Phaser and Reverb, Tab 2 contains Delay and LoFi and Tab 3 contains Eq and Convolution. To toggle between the two effects in each tab simply click on the name of the effect and it will show the settings of the other effect which resides in the same tab.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE. 

 Title: Mountains v3.0

 Developer: Sound Aesthetics Sampling

 License: ShareWare

 Language: English

 Download: GDrive1 | GDrive2 | GDrive3

 File Size: 198 MB

 RAR Password: www.4download.net
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