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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 v2.6.0e Full version

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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 v2.6.0e Full version
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Omnisphere 2 - Time to Make Some Noise! 
Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics - an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will inspire a lifetime of exploration.

Audio Import You can now use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere 2, by simply dragging onto the interface! Go wild with using the new Granular Synthesis, Harmonia, Innerspace and many other creative tools inside Omnisphere!

 Vast New Synthesis Possibilities
  • Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator
  • Wavetable Synthesis - Each Waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
  • Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm
  • Deeper FM/Ring Mod capabilities for aggressive timbres
  • 8 New Filter Types - New Power Filters, Vowel, Resonators
  • New Unison Drift models Analog Polysynth behavior
  • Expanded Modulation with new sources and many more targets
  • Polyphonic LFO and Modulation Envelope options
  • Soundsource Reversing

 Now includes over 12,000 sounds! More than 4,500 brand new patches and soundsources!
  • New "Spotlight EDM" library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
  • New Exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco's Custom Built Instruments
  • New category of Phrase-based Soundsources for granular synthesis
  • Hundreds of new Circuit Bent Soundsources
  • Many Innovative new Psychoacoustic Soundsources
  • New Melodic Cave Stalactites Soundsources 

 New Arpeggiator Features Note transposition for step seq-style patterns
  • Arp pattern lock while browsing
  • Speed Offset control allows slow down/speed up effects
  • New modulation capabilities

 New Interface Redesigned Wider User Interface with many improvements
  • New Show Modulation pane on left side
  • New Mini-Browser available at all times
  • Larger Full Browser Design

 25 New FX Units 
  • Innerspace
  • Quad Resonators
  • Thriftshop Speaker
  • Classic Twin
  • Bassman
  • Hi-Wattage
  • Rock Stack
  • Brit-Vox
  • Boutique
  • San-Z-Amp
  • Stompbox Modeler
  • Metalzone Distortion
  • Toxic Smasher
  • Foxxy Fuzz
  • Analog Phaser
  • Analog Flanger
  • Analog Chorus
  • Analog Vibrato
  • Solina Ensemble
  • Vintage Tremolo
  • Envelope Filter
  • Crying Wah
  • Stomp-Comp
  • Precision Compressor
  • Studio 2-Band EQ

 Enhanced Browsing Experience Sound Match™ feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
  • Sound Lock™ allows endless variations by locking sound aspects while you browse
  • Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party libraries
  • Greatly Improved sound organization system
  • Fast Progressive Loading allows rapid auditioning
  • Browse Patches by Mood
  • Expanded Genres
  • Browse by Oscillator type
  • Boolean search options

 Flexible New FX Features 16 FX units per patch
  • Full matrix modulation of every FX slot
  • New Aux FX rack per patch with Pre/Post fader sends
  • Hundreds of New FX Presets and Racks
  • Lock FX while browsing 

 More Special Features Live Mode with key splits
  • Enhanced Orb with Attractor mode
  • Tweak Trilian Custom Controls Interface inside Omnisphere
  • Global Clock Speed (Halftime, Doubletime, etc)
  • and more! 

Win.Mac: 65 GB | 180 GB | 165 GB
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    2. sanityanxiety
      28 March 2020 14:33
      yo bro can u send me the library link pls
  2. Daniel Quesada
    17 December 2018 00:42
    how can i get a tutorial on how to intall it
      1. krackocl
        23 May 2020 23:58
        Hello, thanks for your video, but it's more better if you improve the quality of the resolution please. Thank you very much.
  3. Beatz
    25 July 2019 18:11
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    1. sanityanxiety
      28 March 2020 14:36
      yo bro can u send me the library link pls
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    25 July 2019 18:15
    dont you have trillian?? please?
    1. 4download
      1 August 2019 06:07
      Please check here:
  5. izay
    21 February 2020 09:05
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    1. 4download
      21 February 2020 11:30
      Nggak harus mas.... untuk library hanya optional/Tambahan.....🙏
      1. izay
        22 February 2020 21:51
        cara instal nya gimana bang
        kok gak ada instalannya bang
        cuman ada part 1-15
        Step 5-9 bang
        1. 4download
          22 February 2020 22:55
          Extract semua file yg ada di folder mas....
          dan baca instruction teksnya......
          semua panduan sudah ada disitu.....🙏🙏🙏
  6. Kaleb210
    7 March 2020 03:59
    Hey admin the links don't work i clicked "click here to proceed" and it doesn't work
  7. Fade
    15 March 2020 02:04
    Quote: Kaleb210
    Hey admin the links don't work i clicked "click here to proceed" and it doesn't work
    Yeah, the link doesn't work. Please update it
  8. sanityanxiety
    24 March 2020 13:12
    the link doesnt work

  9. sanityanxiety
    26 March 2020 09:27
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    1. 4download
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      Link masih aktif mas.... silahkan download pakai Torrent Client....
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  10. yoparas
    7 April 2020 13:20
    the turorial of installation video is totally different and the quality is not good im having a problem like how to extract part one to 15 do i need to extract in the same folder im confused.
    please help me. im up for TEAMviewer as well. i downloaded the 65gb gb file its a long time for me so please help
    please HMU ASAP
  11. AzzerZ
    8 April 2020 19:43
    can u crack  refx nexus3
  12. attjatt
    12 April 2020 20:31
    What to do with the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.3.2h folder of 165 gb? They are all .dmg files? Please Help!
  13. darkangel
    28 April 2020 02:50
    Hi, 4DOWNLOAD,

    I managed to download the largest file (188 GBs) but I cannot seem to follow your video for instructions since the file in question is a .iso file.

    I tried mounting it, but I don't see where to install it. Nor do I see a .dll file to open up in my plugins/DAW.

    Please answer! I will greatly appreciate it!
  14. lazy-d
    4 May 2020 02:26
    can't extract any of those 15 parts to an .ISO....no matter which extraction tool I used!!!
    didn't find any instructions for Mac...
    1. michaeldltb
      8 May 2020 09:24
      you have to move all the zip files into a single folder to extract zip files into ISO file, then have to extract ISO file again
      1. lazy-d
        12 May 2020 20:19
        thank you so much!!!
      2. babir
        12 June 2020 15:48
        Hi Michaeltb have you installed this on mac? can you please guide us properly on the mac installation process. I have downloaded the 65gb file. Hope that is the right one?
  15. Tmusic
    10 May 2020 06:07
    Hello, 4download :)
    I think I understood the way to download this software, through torrent client, but you should explain that to us! Omnisphere is much more difficult than the others, and much bigger!
    You only leaved a link to the torrent, under download buttons, without any explanation!
    So, we should get an ISO file after download (and only if we download that Torrent before?) The proceed button doesn't work...And with that ISO file, we proceed to install omnisphere? 
    (The first download button is Omnisphere software only, without libraries? The second and third buttons include Omnisphere plugin itself, or just the libraries?)
    Thank you!
    1. tony50228
      19 June 2020 23:20
      I've downloaded the biggest one and its only libraries...
  16. take5music
    22 May 2020 10:21
    Is this Windows or Mac Version ?I downloaded the files and the Instructions note pad gives Windows Tutorial of download process...Please help
  17. chaib
    25 May 2020 00:59
    the link doesn't work

  18. zepanatu
    31 May 2020 19:08
    WHY there are 2 library download links?? please tell... which one is the newest or both are different ??
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    7 June 2020 02:47
    bang kualitas video tutorial di bagusin dong...ga keliatan
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