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Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO v1.7 KONTAKT Library

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Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO v1.7 KONTAKT Library
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CineBrass PRO is the expansion to the popular CineBrass Core library. CineBrass PRO is a completely separate and unique library comprised of entirely new orchestral brass sample content, using the first-call Los Angeles musicians at the SONY Scoring Stage, mixed by Dennis Sands. Our CineBrass CORE library, released in June 2011, covers the essentials of the orchestral brass section, and functions as a solid foundation in our composing templates. But what about all the other things brass can do? We asked you, the film music community, what you wanted to see in an expansion. The result is CineBrass PRO.
Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO v1.7 KONTAKT Library
What's New In CineBrass PRO 1.7 
CineBrass PRO v1.7 has been rebuilt from the ground up to include the Cinesamples Adaptive Legato Engine featured in CineStrings SOLO, CineStrings CORE, and CineWinds CORE and PRO.  It allows you to tailor the legato response to your own playing style, and is designed to respond musically to your performance. The engine detects your playing speed and intelligently adjusts the interval speed to match. This means you can play slow, expressive lines and fast runs in a single performance, without touching the speed dial. Additionally, the intensity parameter responds to velocity.
CineBrass PRO v1.7 KONTAKT Library
The Horns Ensemble Stopped and Fluttered has been split into two different patches:  Horn Ensemble Stopped and Horn Ensemble Fluttered
Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO v1.7
CineBrass PRO includes a brand new mapping area that allows for greater flexibility in customizing composer workflows.  The new mapping system allows for articulations to be blended together, using polyphonic keyswitching or overlapping velocity/CC ranges. This allows for even more flexibility for tailoring CineBrass PRO to your individual needs. You may add articulations using the + Add Articulation + button and subtract articulations using the X on the right. The ACCENTED LEGATO control layers an additional articulation (Marcato, Staccato, Spiccato) over legato transitions. 

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE. 

Download Cinesamples - CineBrass PRO KONTAKT Library

 Title: CineBrass PRO v1.7

 Developer: Cinesamples, LLC

 License: ShareWare

 Language: English

 Download: GDrive1 | GDrive2 | GDrive3

 File Size: 20 GB

 RAR Password: www.4download.net
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