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Origin Sound - Unorthodox Trap - Vol II

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Origin Sound - Unorthodox Trap - Vol II
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Origin Sound proudly presents, a dark, contorted bank of audio samples, in the form of Unorthodox Trap - Vol II. Delivering a devastating collection of complex sound design, snappy drums, twisted drum loops, providing a wealth of inspiration at every turn for your next beat.

The foundation of the pack can be found within the array of detailed drum loops filled with unique and interesting elements, ranging from 125-160 BPM enabling a wide variety of grooves and proving to be great song starters. All of which are split up into stems, allowing for quick interchangeability between the kick / snare patterns, and the varying distinctive tops. For those who want to dive in with more intricacy Unorthodox Trap leaves no stone unturned, with a whopping 120 individual drum hits, from booming kicks, cracky snares, glistening tops, and abstract percussion, allowing you to carve your own truly unique beat.

To accompany your pounding beat this library has plenty on offer, whether it be the plethora of demonic individual bass hits, rumbling 808 sub bass loops with dissonant overtones, convoluted and detailed SFX elements, or vast selection of huge stadium filling synth stabs, you will be able to quickly and easily come up with vibe that will spawn a wealth of creativity.

Unorthodox Trap is our hardest Trap pack going, fusing brutal sound design with unrelenting weighty beats, this library is an essential addition for anyone looking to increase the sonic intensity of their productions.

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  • 120 Snappy drum hits
  • 20 Twisted drum loops (with stem bounce)
  • 20 Bonus percussion loops
  • 12 Powerful bass loops (+MIDI)
  • 8 Evil chord loops (+MIDI)
  • 17 Unique melody loops (+MIDI)
  • 15 Massive stack loops
  • 61 Versatile synth + bass one shots
  • 36 SFX
  • Tempos - Ranging from 125-160 BPM
  • Instant download & royalty free
  • All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

Download Origin Sound - Unorthodox Trap - Vol II

 Title: Unorthodox Trap - Vol II

 Developer: Origin Sound

 Format: WAV

 View: Audio Demo

 Download: Google Drive

 File Size: 335 MB

 RAR Password: www.4download.net
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