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DS-10 Drum Shaper v1.0.5 Full version

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DS-10 Drum Shaper v1.0.5 Full version
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DS-10 is a transient shaper designed specifically for use with drums. The clutter-free interface lets you dial in just the right amount of punch in your drum mixes while three amazing algorithms provide great sounding results. Our powerful MOJO processor lets you shape the transients in specially chosen frequency bands while leaving other bands unaffected, opening up a world of exciting sound design possibilities. 

Unlike most other transient shaping products, the DS-10 Drum Shaper is built specifically for use with drums. By choosing to focus only on drums, we have been able to create a powerful plugin with a simple user interface that lets you tame transients and achieve perfectly punchy mixes in seconds. DS-10 Drum Shaper has three modes of operation: Kick, Snare, and Bus. Each mode is tuned under-the-hood to help you get outstanding drum mixes with minimal fuss. Just select what kind of sounds you are passing through DS-10 and use the Attack and Sustain knobs to dial in sublime, punchy drum mixes.

 DS-10 Drum Shaper v1.0.5 WIN.MAC
  • Transient shaping just for drums
  • Perfect for Kicks, Snares or complete Groups
  • New Natural and Smooth algorithms
  • MOJO tuned-transient processor
  • VST-AAX-AU 32bit & 64bit for WINDOWS & MAC OSX

Win.Mac: 24.4 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • Tight & punchy drums
  • Huge & fat drums
  • How to Download

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  1. Pedro
    27 April 2020 13:25
    where is the paword???

  2. lisandrodrums
    17 July 2020 11:44
    no tiene el password?
    1. 4download
      17 July 2020 18:11
  3. ProdByEcho
    8 October 2020 01:58
    The download isnt working, says too many people have downlaoded and I have no option to add it to  my own drive to do the bypass
  4. LeandroProd
    27 November 2020 11:11
    Can't download it, same problem as ProdByEcho 
  5. littenoob
    4 January 2021 19:10
    link is broken can you please fix 
    1. 4download
      5 January 2021 02:04
      Link Fixed....Thanks.
      1. littenoob
        5 January 2021 17:04
        youre welcome
  6. PeteRode
    15 January 2021 13:56
    After having done everything right ... the software asks me for a license anyway .... would you have a solution please?
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