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Pianoteq 6 PRO v6.7.0 Full version

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Pianoteq 6 PRO v6.7.0 Full version
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Pianoteq is an award-winning virtual instrument which you can install on your computer (PC/Mac). It can be used both in standalone mode and as an instrument plug-in in VST, AAX, and AudioUnits hosts. What makes Pianoteq superior to other virtual instruments is that the instruments are physically modelled and thus can simulate the playability and complex behaviour of real acoustic instruments. By omitting usage of samples, the file size is just a tiny fraction of that offered by other virtual instruments, perfect for use on any modern laptop. 

Version 6 of Pianoteq brings numerous refinements in its engine and physical model, now implemented in all of the 52 physically modelled instruments. Steinway & Sons have approved the sound and playability of the Pianoteq virtual instruments Steinway Model D and Steinway Model B, which have gained from the refined physical model. These magnificent virtual grand pianos will appeal to all musicians in search of the most famous piano sound signature. 

This major upgrade also adds compatibility with the VST3 format (in addition to VST2 format) and the ARM architecture (Linux version only, for example on Raspberry Pi 3 boards). The tuning section has become even more advanced with new tools, and the standalone version now offers a MIDI playlist, an improved MIDI archive and can export audio to FLAC and MP3 formats, in addition to WAV.

Pianoteq 6 PRO is the most advanced version, adapted for the creative composer and demanding studio engineer. In addition to the Standard version, it gives you all the tools needed to work in a truly professional environment, letting you adjust 30 parameters for each note on the keyboard and work with up to 192 Khz audio. Pianoteq PRO comes with four instrument packs of your choice.

  • Included instrument packs
  • Includes KIViR historical instruments
  • VST, AAX, NKS, Standalone
  • EQ, velocity curve, reverb unit 
  • Preset (fxp) loading
  • Piano model tweaking 
  • Advanced tuning 
  • Microphones setting 
  • Loads external reverb impulses 
  • Thousands of editable overtones 
  • Note-per-note edit
  • Supports up to 192 kHz audio

Windows: 133 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • Video Demo
  • How to Download

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  1. Reefsedge
    24 April 2020 22:42
    This is 32 bit, can we get 64 bit?
    1. 4download
      24 April 2020 22:51
  2. Reefsedge
    25 April 2020 03:28
    Quote: 4download
    I overlooked this somehow... I’m an idiot, lol... thanks!
  3. KlS
    26 April 2020 03:19
    trojan in this
  4. Saavi
    13 May 2020 00:35
    Not working
    1. 4download
      13 May 2020 01:29
      What error have you got? Can you share the screenshot of your error?
  5. vagfilm
    15 May 2020 08:24
    I have the same problem... RAR is corrupt and WinRAR cannot fix it. Is it something related with it being password protected? Because it does not ask for any password and simply gives the error message... And I have the same error when downloading the Synthesia folder.

    Can you re-upload it to the Drive folder ?

    1. 4download
      15 May 2020 12:43
      Please redownload.....🙏
      1. vagfilm
        16 May 2020 08:14
        The error message continues, and I am unable to extract the RAR file.
        1. 4download
          16 May 2020 14:47
          It worked when we checked and it worked for most of the users, Maybe you need update your WINRAR.....
  6. NickPlay2020
    29 May 2020 20:49
    Olá, vocês vão lançar a nova versão do Pianoteq pro v6.7.2 ? E seria possível vocês crackear o Pianoteq Studio Bundle.
  7. gokul
    12 July 2020 17:33
    bro it seems there is a trojan in the .dll ...Anti virus just removes it ,even after installation...
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