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Toontrack Metal! EZX Full version
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Toontrack EZX Metal Full version Toontrack EZX Metal Full version Toontrack EZX Metal Full version
What happens when you put a massive, all-new drum recording in the hands of three of the most in demand producers in modern metal, let them bring it to their own studio environments and equip them with an unparalleled set of audio shaping tools? You not only get a collection of nine custom drum kits – you get a rampant battery armed for complete audio destruction. A nine-headed behemoth that leaves nothing but rubble behind. Nothing. 

The Metal! EZX is based on a new drum recording engineered by Daniel Bergstrand in Norway’s highly unique Tanken Studio. The raw material was then individually remixed by Mark Lewis, Jason Suecof and Daniel Bergstrand himself into nine drum kits tailor-made for metal. Between them, these three producers have worked with some of modern metal’s most influential acts as well as those pioneering today’s multifaceted scene: Meshuggah, In Flames, Trivium, Whitechapel, DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid and Dimmu Borgir, to name a few. The Metal! EZX also comes with a versatile collection of grooves and fills performed by Soilwork and metal drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren. 

Sometimes the word metal just isn’t enough, it needs an exclamation mark! 

  1. All-new recording featuring DW Collector X-shell and Ludwig Quadra Plus drums
  2. Recorded by Daniel Bergstrand at Tanken Studio, Oslo, Norway.
  3. A total of nine (9) custom kits, remixed and layered with additional as well as personal samples by Mark Lewis, Jason Suecof and Daniel Bergstrand
  4. Included MIDI library performed by Dirk Verbeuren 

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the EZdrummer / Superior Drummer from Toontrack. You can Download EZdrummer HERE or Superior Drummer HERE

File size: 1.10 GB
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  1. txt
    8 March 2020 22:07
    How can I update Toontrack? Thanks
  2. txt
    8 March 2020 23:04
    Ok I managed to istall it but same problem. All the data and midi files are there in C/ProgramFiles/Toontrack but I dont know what's the problem
  3. syam
    2 May 2020 05:53
    hi... can you upload toontrack latin percussion EZX please....
    i'll big thank's to you...  relaxed
  4. spides666
    3 May 2020 05:18
    yep doesn't work in Superior Drummer 3. Don't bother downloading if you want to use it there
  5. Badung
    27 May 2020 07:06
    Kenapa ya mas banyak folder/file yang isinya "header" bukan midinya
  6. Akshin sachdeva
    17 November 2020 21:30
    Hi Everyone,

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly read the whole document if you want to download and run the ezx expansion in your superior drummer or ezdrummer.

    My every sound library is working which I downloaded from 4download.net. Firstly, if you have a 64bit windows, you don't even need to use a keygen. it can easily work without a keygen. But if you have a 32bit windows, then you need to use a keygen.

    Instructions for 64bit users:
    Simply download the ezx from 4download and extract the winzip file. After extracting the winzip file, click on the folder which is named as same as the winzip file. Double-click on that folder, and you will get some files and folders which will be named as: contents, installer.app, uninstaller.app, installer, keygen, read me, and uninstaller. Firstly, delete the keygen, installer, and the uninstaller because we don't need those files anyway if you have a 64bit windows. then, navigate to the first folder which is names as contents and double-click or press enter on that folder. Then you will mainly see 2 folders which are named as EZX2_Post-Rock and Midi. Then you have to copy the EZX2_Post-Rock folder and paste it into the following location: C:\ProgramData\Toontrack\EZdrummer. Let me tell you that you will not straightaway see the ProgramData folder in your C: Drive because this is a hidden folder. To show hidden folders on your computer, you must follow the given instructions: 

    1. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
    2. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

    After this, you will be able to see all the hidden folders on your computer. then you just have to go to This PC > C: > ProgramData > Toontrack > EZdrummer, as mentioned above and paste the copied file in that location as mentioned above also.

    For 32bit, I am not sure but I will instruct for that also soon.

    If any doubts, please ask me in the comment section, but I think that I explained it as I deeply as I could. 
    Thank you and have a nice day.
    1. lordsauron3434
      7 January 2021 17:39
      can you make a video of this process? I followed it, or so I believed several times, but to no avail :( I've tried multiple different libraries and same thing. I'm mostly wanting the Metal or Drums of Destruction packs. Please somebody help!!!
  7. Cho7
    1 January 2021 10:25
    KeyGen not woking.. it does authorization file created but it does not create anything at all..
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