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IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version

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IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version
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IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.8 Full version
The new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician’s “go to” workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. What might usually take dozens of plug-ins can be accomplished right inside SampleTank 4, for lightning-fast workflow that keeps your inspiration going.

Find any type of sound fast and tailor them to your needs with the new deep, powerful editing options and a new modulation matrix. New dynamic “groove players” – an arpeggiator, strummer, and pattern and loop players – turn your sounds into songs faster than ever. 

Plus a new live mode makes SampleTank 4 the perfect performance partner, with the ability to create entire set lists and easily map every parameter just how you need it. Inspiring new sounds, powerful sound design features, advanced groove creation and tour-ready stage optimization. SampleTank 4 will take you wherever you want to go.

  • Works as a multi-platform plug-in and as a Standalone application
  • Content structured in Instruments, Multis and MIDI Patterns
  • Fully compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Supported plug-in formats: AAX, VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Units
  • 16 part multitimbral
  • 16 individual stereo outputs
  • Info view with specific information and 3D icon for each instrument
  • Mix view and full mix parameters control
  • Live mode for instantaneous sounds loading, organized in set lists and songs
  • Expandable instrument library
  • Pad interface lets you launch patterns, loops or single notes seamlessly from iRig Keys I/O or any MIDI controller
  • 70 studio quality effects
  • Layers allow for creating splits and layers
  • Edit view for in depth editing of all synth engine parameters, independently for all the elements or articulations that are included in the instrument
  • Custom modulation for synth engine and effects parameters 
  • Advanced instrument browsing with convenient search function
  • BPM syncable time-based effects, audio loop instruments and LFOs
  • Four play modes including mono legato with portamento
  • Zone switch allows to edit individual key-zones for the selected sound element or articulation
  • Multi Articulation and Key Switch instrument control
  • Easy to use assignable MIDI control to any parameter with MIDI Learn
  • Compatible with all previous "Powered by SampleTank" sound modes and sounds. (Older libraries imported through the use of SampleTank 3 CS.)
  • Import feature allows users to import .wav and .aiff samples 

 3 Synth Engines 
  2. Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch
  3. Resampling 

 Effects list 
  1. Amps: American Vintage, British Tube Lead 2, Cabinet, Flexi, Jazz Amp 120, Modern Tube Lead, Preamp, SVT Classic, Tone Control
  2. Distortion: Crusher, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Overdrive, Overscream, Phonograph, Sat-X
  3. Dynamics/EQ: Channel Strip, Compressor, Black 76, British Channel, Bus Comp, EQ-81, EQ Comp, EQ-PG, Limiter, Model 670, Parametric EQ, Vintage EQ-1A, White 2A
  4. Modulation: AM Modulation, AutoPan, Chorus, Chorus C1, Electric Flanger, FM Modulator, Ensemble, Env Flanger, Flanger, Multi Chorus, Opto Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary, Slicer, Small Phazer, Tremolo, Uni-V
  5. Reverb/Delay: Ambience, ConvoRoom, Digital Delay, Reverb, Reverb Delay, Inverse Reverb, Room Reverb, Spring Reverb, Stereo Imager, Tape Echo Hall Reverb, Plate Reverb
  6. Filter: Acoustic Resonance, Filter-C, Filter Formant, Filter-M, Filter-O, Filter Phaser, Filter-R, Env Filter, LFO Filter, Piano Lid, MultiFilter, Wah 47h 

 3 Play Modes 
  1. Poly
  2. Mono
  3. Mono Legato

Windows: 671 MB | MacOS: 683 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. wynnshinobi
    13 March 2020 22:25
    how to authorization?

    1. 4download
      13 March 2020 22:45
      Please check this video:

      1. Miroslav23
        18 May 2020 12:32
        I authorized what do we do after
  2. Miroslav23
    18 May 2020 12:02
    I downloaded and Authorized successfully everything on my mac. But SampleTank 4 opens with no instruments and samples inside. Where Can I get all the instruments it comes with? Thank you very much :))
  3. Miroslav23
    19 May 2020 02:08
    Can you please show how to get instruments after authorization?
  4. Miroslav23
    20 May 2020 10:51
    Plz answer I cannot get the library
  5. BangWicak
    23 May 2020 17:14
    no soundcontent for sample tank?
  6. faizikmal
    18 June 2020 19:11
    sound tidak bisa load boss kuuu
  7. javafinger
    18 June 2020 23:26
    password ?? for archieve
  8. Fruxz
    3 July 2020 14:03
    Please tell us where is the sample tank??
  9. angshumandewan
    16 July 2020 04:39
    Please upload sound content for sample tank 4... Thanks in Advance..... 
  10. Blackborn
    24 July 2020 02:41
    Please sample tank content folder 
  11. BangWicak
    3 August 2020 02:40
    Sound Content please
  12. Magdy Farag
    22 September 2020 16:22
    IK.Multimedia.SampleTank.4.Sound.Library is about 94.7 giga and i think it is difficult to upload
  13. angshumandewan
    18 January 2021 09:39
    Please upload sound content for sample tank 4
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