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Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library

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Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library
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Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library
Shreddage 3 Legacy is a modern update of the original, groundbreaking Shreddage virtual instrument, first released in 2010. This instrument set a new standard, showcasing stunning realism for high-gain rock & metal rhythm parts. Composers and producers have long enjoyed its aggressive 6-string tone, which features a popular "Standard" guitar. However, the original instrument had a somewhat limited sample pool, lacking per-fret sampling and the note range to perform convincing leads. 

That all changes with Shreddage 3 Legacy. Using state-of-the-art tools and a pinch of audio magic, we’ve taken the original sample pool and expanded it via meticulous offline pitch-shifting to cover every fret on all six strings. The result is a far more playable instrument that can now perform strums and leads - not just chunky rhythm parts! 

Now, combined with the power of the Shreddage 3 engine and Console FX rack, you can compose and perform using the original, unmatched Shreddage guitar tone with more features and realism than ever. Full NKS integration and Total Articulation Control Technology (TACT) also give you the tools to fully customize the instrument just the way you want it. Welcome to the next generation of virtual guitar instruments!

 Console: Modular FX Rack and Mixer 
Console is our new mixer, modular effects rack, and pedal board, designed to give you full control over your virtual guitar tone. Unlike our previous FX racks, which were limited to a small amount of preset modules, Console gives you 30 effects modules to choose from! 

These include multiple EQs (digital and analog-style), compressors, spatial FX, modulation FX, amps, distortion pedals, reverbs, and a selection of over 30 custom cabinet IRs recorded just for Shreddage 3! These cabs cover all the most important sounds you would want, with both dynamic & condenser mics in multiple positions plus a ribbon mic for certain models. 

Using Console, you can easily save and load FX chains or presets between projects or even different Shreddage 3 products. It also allows you to mix and blend between guitar pickups, with custom inserts on each if you'd like.

 Total Articulation Control Technology (TACT) 2.0 
Shreddage 3 Legacy includes an updated version of TACT, allowing you to customize how all articulations are mapped and triggered! Everyone has their own preferences for how to perform or write for virtual guitar, and with TACT you can create the perfect setup for your DAW.

  • Greatly expanded sample set from Shreddage 1
  • 6 strings, low string drop tuned to Bb
  • Sustains, powerchords, palm mutes
  • Staccatos, grace note slides
  • Harmonics, pinch harmonics, tapping, FX
  • Hammer-on/pull-off, portamento
  • Tremolo, fingered vibrato
  • Unpitched & pitched release noises
  • Rakes, muted chokes, DI line noise 

  • Cutting edge virtual guitarist engine
  • Beautiful, expanded UI for easier editing
  • New POLY INPUT feature for realistic chords
  • Multiple fret & string voicing algorithms
  • New STRUMMING tab for custom rhythm parts
  • CONSOLE: Modular rack & mixer w/ 30+ FX
  • Includes TACT 2.0 for articulation mapping
  • 45 production-ready CONSOLE tone snapshots 

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 2.51 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. sanityanxiety
    10 February 2020 14:53
    the instruments belongs to a library that is currently not installed" 
    1. 4download
      10 February 2020 16:26
      Please Download this KONTAKT:
      1. sanityanxiety
        11 February 2020 13:07
        do u know how to install it?
        1. 4download
          11 February 2020 16:53
          1. sanityanxiety
            13 February 2020 16:05
            2000+file not found when i drag the instrument to right side
  2. BlackEncounter
    21 February 2020 18:14
    I really wanted this library from a long time, what else can I say Admin, thank you so much. I'll be using this for a lot of fun.
  3. ayolarzz
    29 February 2020 04:14
    I cant find "8dio acoustic guitar" for kontakt in here, can you post it here?
  4. sam1990paul
    4 June 2020 17:19
    I can't download the .rar file for Shreddage 3 Legacy KONTAKT Library through IDM for my windows. Somebody help me! It says that " The server replies that you don't have permissions to download this file".

  5. lordsauron3434
    25 June 2020 04:57
    How to add them to your kontakt library. Go to your downloaded files, go to kontakt, kontakt patch files, common files, kontakt, add library exe and run that. It will scan your files and find you library/libraries and automatically add them. Next time you open up Kontakt they will be ready to go. might only be demo though.
  6. mauricioa
    11 July 2020 00:12
    How do we activate the libraries?
    1. ThatGuyWithTheGibus
      2 September 2020 22:20
      install a cracked version of kontakt, go to Program Files > Native Instruments, extract the rar, drag and drop the extracted folder to native instruments, open kontakt, go to manage libraries, then add libraries, and click on the folder you extracted, if everything is done correctly, you will have a library added
  7. ThatGuyWithTheGibus
    2 September 2020 22:18
    this is awesome! do you think that maybe you could do Shreddage 3 Hydra, Shreddage 2, Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition, Shreddage X, or Shreddage 1 Classic next? thanks for all the libraries by the way i am currently in progress of downloading all of them
  8. Nixtly Official
    17 September 2020 19:21
    Shreddage 2 ibz when?
  9. boiled
    5 October 2020 14:51
    you guys should add the pedal steel library from impact soundworks

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