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Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version

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Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version
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Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version + Content Groove Agent Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.20.207 Full version + Content Groove Agent
The ultimate drumming software! The latest instalment of Steinberg’s Groove Agent contains over 30 new kits, perfect for aspiring songwriter’s to create their own grooves. With a new and improved acoustic kit with 20 mix-ready presets and MIDI grooves. There is also something for the beatmakers, with 30 new electronic kits, for EDM, Trap and Future Bass. Beat Agent kits now are not only including beat patterns but also samples like basses, small melody parts or noises. That’s not all! You can design your own sounds with Decompose! A sound designer’s dream: load a sample and separate it easily into the tonal and the noise part. After that, you can easily drag and drop each part on pads of Groove Agent and layer your drums. 

 New acoustic drums in The Kit
The Kit brings fantastic new acoustic drum sounds to Groove Agent, including Pearl kick and snare, four Yamaha Maple Custom toms, four cymbals from Zildjian, Istanbul ride and Paiste splash cymbals — all recorded with high-end Neumann microphones and outboard gear in Berlin’s Teldex Studios, including its classic reverb chamber. ‘The Kit’ comes with 47 articulations, five round robins and up to 20 velocities and, most importantly, a sound that is very versatile and can be pushed in any direction in your mix.

 More than 30 new kits for EDM, Trap and other styles
All new kits have been created for Groove Agent 5 by top electronic artists including Rawtekk, Audeka, zKlang, Joe Ford and a number of other young and hungry producers. As well as beat patterns, Beat Agent kits also now include samples like basses, small melody parts, miscellaneous hits and other noises. Further great news is that you can now also use the Style Player for Beat Agent.

 Exciting new styles for songwriters
Groove Agent 5 features 20 new MIDI Styles for songwriters, including intro, outro, fills and different complexities. They cover a range of genres, including rock, progressive rock, blues rock, alternative rock, indie, funk, soul, jazz, crossover and reggae, with every style played by a top drummer and exclusively mixed for The Kit. 

 Sound design with Decompose
Decompose is a sound designer’s dream! With it you can load a sample and easily separate it into its tonal and noise components. Once you’ve done that, you can easily drag and drop each part onto Groove Agent pads to layer your drums, creating an endless array of possibilities. Just imagine combining a fat 808 kick tone with the noise of a 909 snare. Or an electronic snare with the noise of an acoustic hi-hat.

 Change the pitch of samples
Create new exciting drum sounds with changing the pitch envelope of a sample. This is especially great for EDM music if you want to create drops and build ups or if you want to do pitch adjustments of pre-recorded drums. Combined with the new Decompose you can also modulate the pitch of tone and noise separately – a very unique approach in working with drum sounds.

 New feature in Groove Agent 5
  1. 20 new MIDI Styles
  2. 32 plug-in outputs
  3. 32 velocity layers
  4. Decompose sounds
  5. Drag and drop samples on pads
  6. Drag and drop to Cubase
  7. Export mix to Cubase 10
  8. Filter content by instrument
  9. Improved Style Player
  10. Live sampling
  11. Load styles and MIDI
  12. More than 30 new Beat Agent kits
  13. New Pitch modulation
  14. New auto complexity mode
  15. New modern user interface
  16. Pre-listening pads and Styles
  17. Revised pitch envelope
  18. Sample view in envelope editors
  19. Selectable auto fills
  20. Solo per layer
  21. Style Player for Beat Agent
  22. The Kit

Windows: 370 MB | 25.7 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. paipai
    18 February 2020 23:13
    Thanks of lots..
    1. 4download
      19 February 2020 00:45
  2. paipai
    20 February 2020 22:53
    Pliz upload Steinberg Iconica
  3. Naitik Khambhadiya
    5 March 2020 17:58
    how to install Groove Agent 5
  4. oiboy
    9 April 2020 21:24
    Hi admin, back to my favourite place again...! many thanxxx for the great work!!! can you tell me how to install the Groove Agent 5 and the Halion Sonic 3? there is no info in the download files!  many thanxxx in advance and stay healthy...! smiley 
  5. Slinkydon
    13 April 2020 07:58
    Hi what's the password please
  6. tyros4
    14 April 2020 00:32
    Grazie.. ma qualcuno è riuscito ad installarlo? A me la licenza elettronica da' problemi durante l'installazione
  7. khaledtrm
    16 April 2020 11:48
    How do I install it and where to find crack?

    1. 4download
      16 April 2020 13:36
      1. tyros4
        18 April 2020 21:23
        But install eLicenser Control Setup 6.11.10 should not be installed? Because it gives me problems during the installation and crashes
  8. lymelight
    19 April 2020 23:05
    hello thanks for the VST
    but the password doesn't work for part 2
  9. music-a-man
    26 April 2020 00:12
    Hi guys...I'm getting an error message when I unpack the content part 2 file. The folder is empty :-/
    Anybody else experiencing that? Any help on that?
  10. german_moreyra
    5 May 2020 23:37
    buenas tardes administrador! Gracias por esta gran ayuda. ¿podría decirme como instalarlo para que quede operativo?
  11. Norman Lee Arevalo
    17 May 2020 11:30
    why there is no sounds? if i click the pads there is no sounds? pls help!!! 
    1. 4download
      17 May 2020 22:54
      Use Steinberg Library manager to load the soundbank.....🙏🙏🙏
      1. Norman Lee Arevalo
        19 May 2020 08:56
        its empty. it is required to download the conten 1 and content 2?
        1. 4download
          19 May 2020 23:05
          1. Norman Lee Arevalo
            20 May 2020 07:15
            thankyou so much!! super super best website ever
  12. Dj1
    24 June 2020 04:47
    Hi admin - thank you for your efforts! Amazing work. Unfortunately the RAR password www.4download.net does not work for Content Part 2 :(
  13. Lucass
    26 August 2020 10:41
    Como agrego Groove Agent a mi cubase?
  14. Ikandiam
    7 October 2020 16:35
    How to install on fl studio in windows
    Please video tutorial ?
  15. define
    4 November 2020 02:23
    Quote: Dj1
    Hi admin - thank you for your efforts! Amazing work. Unfortunately the RAR password www.4download.net does not work for Content Part 2 :(

    Did you ever figure out the password to work for this?
  16. define
    4 November 2020 06:41
    Hi Admin, can you please tell me the password or part 2 of the Groove Agent library or send me a link to a new link for it? The normal password isn't working. Thank you.
  17. EZ1925
    4 May 2021 19:51
    thanks a lot admin!!! okw metal fromm ggd sometime please.
  18. lukmaulkitu
    6 July 2021 22:47
    hi admin
    I have installed step by step and it worked,
    but after i open it it turns out missing file / missing sound (no sound)
    what's the solution?
    and how to insert to vst in Cubase..
    thank you
    always success
    Please Help me 
    7 July 2021 14:25
    1. in www ,there is no vidplay vst crack.please upload vidplay vst full version.it is suggestion.
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