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PSP Plugins Bundle 2020.2 Full version

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PSP Plugins Bundle 2020.2 Full version
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PSP develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Our products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds. Our plug-ins have become staples in professional and home studios worldwide. Our credo explains our simple philosophy: It’s The Sound That Counts! 

One of the most difficult areas of creating an audio masterpiece is usually the final process of getting that elusive polished (excuse the pun) and defined final mix that grabs the attention of the listener and sounds like it was done at Abbey Road. Not so long ago, you did indeed require the budget of a county council to buy a rackload of hardware in order to reach a decent level of quality -but not any longer. Professional Sound Projects have released their first sets of plug-ins to provide the necessary tools for making your cherished tunes into finished productions.

 PSP Plugins Bundle 2020.2 Include:
  1. PSPaudioware.PSP.2445.EMT.v1.3.7
  2. PSPaudioware.PSP.E27.v1.6.2
  3. PSPaudioware.PSP.FETpressor.v1.1.0
  4. PSPaudioware.PSP.HertzRider.v1.0.3
  5. PSPaudioware.PSP.oldTimer.v2.1.0
  6. PSPaudioware.PSP.oldTimerMB.v1.0.0
  7. PSPaudioware.PSP.PianoVerb2.v2.5.0
  8. PSPaudioware.PSP.SpringBox.v1.1.0
  9. PSPaudioware.PSP.Twin-L.v1.1.0
  10. PSPaudioware.PSP.VintageWarmer2.v2.8.1

Windows: 213 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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