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Toontrack The Blues EZX Full version
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Toontrack Rock Solid EZX Full version Toontrack Rock Solid EZX Full version Toontrack Rock Solid EZX Full version Toontrack Rock Solid EZX Full version
The Blues EZX comes with two complete kits; a 1970s Gretsch* and a calfskinned Swedish Levin set from the 1940s. On top of that, it features contemporary Paiste* and Sabian* crashes, vintage Zildjan A and K series cymbals as well as extras such as a suitcase and a set of calfskinned tambourines. All instruments were handpicked and in many cases road-worn by the sampling drummer himself, a blues musician with decades worth of experience behind the kit playing the blues.The Blues EZX was recorded in an empty Swedish theater and later mixed in a high-end studio through vintage and modern outboard gear. The end result is a cross-pollination between new and old; warm and characteristic sounds that cover the whole range, from old school to modern, from dry to ambient. This is the sound of then, now and time to come.

  • Two complete kits (1970s Gretsch* & 1940s Levin)
  • Sabian/Paiste/Zildjian* A & K cymbals
  • Calfskin drumheads on Levin kit
  • Suitcase & two vintage calfskinned Grover tambourines
  • Included custom MIDI library


  • Kick 1 – 14×20″ Gretsch* 1970s
  • Kick 2 – 14×28″ Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads

  • Snare 1 – 5.5×14″ Slingerland* Radio King 1964 with Remo vintage drumhead
  • Snare 2 – 5.5×14″ Premier* 1960s wood snare with calfskin drumhead
  • Snare 3 – 6.5×14″ Premier* 1937 brass snare

  • Tom 1, kit 1 – 8×12″ Gretsch* 1970s
  • Tom 2, kit 1 – 14×14″ Gretsch* 1970s
  • Tom 1, kit 2 – 9×12″ Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads high tuned
  • Tom 2, kit 2 – 9×12″ Levin 1940s with calfskin drumheads low tuned

  • Hat 1 – 14″ Zildjian* New Beat (top) / Rock Beat (bottom)

  • Ride 1 – 19″ Zildjian* A 1960s with rivets
  • Ride 2 – 20″ Zildjian* A 1960s
  • Position 1, Crash 1 – 16″ Paiste
  • Position 1, Crash 2 – 16″ Sabian* hand hammered Dark Crash
  • Position 1, Crash 3 – 12″ Zildjian* A 1960s
  • Position 1, Crash 4 – 10″ Zildjian* K 1960s
  • Position 3, Crash 1 – 18″ Zildjian* K 1960s
  • Position 3, Crash 2 – 18″ Sabian* hand hammered Thin Crash


 Suitcase (Kick 3)
  • Tambourine 1 – Grover Tambourine, German silver bells
  • Tambourine 2 – Grover Tambourine, copper bells

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the EZdrummer / Superior Drummer from Toontrack. You can Download EZdrummer HERE or Superior Drummer HERE

File size: 456 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • The Blues EZX
  • Walkthrough
  • How to Download

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  1. stri
    11 April 2020 20:45
    I installed and did not find the audio library in high-level drummer 3, reminding the sound that ezx blues music needs updating. Please use the tooltrack product manager to update. Do you have to unlock the library?
    1. SD77
      11 August 2020 15:40
      I need help with this as well
  2. wilian tarcisio ojeda
    21 April 2020 11:37
  3. wilian tarcisio ojeda
    21 April 2020 11:38
    sou novo aqui nao consigo instalar nada do ezd2 e nem o 3
  4. wilian tarcisio ojeda
    21 April 2020 11:51

  5. murder666
    25 July 2020 23:44
    min request yang hardcore pack dong sama pop punk pack... heart_eyes 
  6. Deki16
    4 September 2020 00:18
    Could you tell me how do I install library? Do you have some tutorial or instructions here?
  7. danagara_
    6 September 2020 10:54
    sir..please upload ezdrumer but only percussion..tq so much, i hope you reply my comment. tq so much sir. heart_eyes 
  8. asdasddd
    24 September 2020 22:27
    Hello! How will i download this in mac? I've already downloaded EZdrummer 2 and it's working great and I want to expand my library by downloading more samples. Can I download this on MacOS as well?

    1. asdasddd
      26 September 2020 19:39
      I've found out that the pre-activated versions are the only ones I can use, Please update them soon to be pre-activated or tell us mac users another way to install these libs. Thanks!
  9. Batteruno
    15 October 2020 07:31

    I think you need to use the toontrack product manager to activate it but the keygen doesn't seem to work anymore.. Looking forward to a new one!

    Great work anyway,

  10. eraserheads
    20 October 2020 10:27
    Pop/Rock and Classic Rock  EZX please
  11. Akshin sachdeva
    17 November 2020 21:13
    Hi Everyone,

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly read the whole document if you want to download and run the ezx expansion in your superior drummer or ezdrummer.

    My every sound library is working which I downloaded from 4download.net. Firstly, if you have a 64bit windows, you don't even need to use a keygen. it can easily work without a keygen. But if you have a 32bit windows, then you need to use a keygen.

    Instructions for 64bit users:
    Simply download the ezx from 4download and extract the winzip file. After extracting the winzip file, click on the folder which is named as same as the winzip file. Double-click on that folder, and you will get some files and folders which will be named as: contents, installer.app, uninstaller.app, installer, keygen, read me, and uninstaller. Firstly, delete the keygen, installer, and the uninstaller because we don't need those files anyway if you have a 64bit windows. then, navigate to the first folder which is names as contents and double-click or press enter on that folder. Then you will mainly see 2 folders which are named as EZX2_Post-Rock and Midi. Then you have to copy the EZX2_Post-Rock folder and paste it into the following location: C:\ProgramData\Toontrack\EZdrummer. Let me tell you that you will not straightaway see the ProgramData folder in your C: Drive because this is a hidden folder. To show hidden folders on your computer, you must follow the given instructions: 

    1. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
    2. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

    After this, you will be able to see all the hidden folders on your computer. then you just have to go to This PC > C: > ProgramData > Toontrack > EZdrummer, as mentioned above and paste the copied file in that location as mentioned above also.

    For 32bit, I am not sure but I will instruct for that also soon.

    If any doubts, please ask me in the comment section, but I think that I explained it as I deeply as I could. 
    Thank you and have a nice day.
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