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Arturia Synths Collection 2020.6 Full version

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Arturia Synths Collection 2020.6 Full version
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Arturia have announced the arrival of the latest edition of V Collection: their flagship anthology of reimagined historic synths and keyboards. Containing 24 software instruments and thousands of preset sounds, V Collection 7 is billed as “the must-have reference for musicians, producers, sound designers, and keyboard fans”. We also took giant leaps in augmenting them with features the hardware inventors never dreamed of—like bringing polyphony to the mono synths you’ve always loved. With over 5000 designer presets, the included Analog Lab 2 makes it easy to harness all that power to find just the right sounds for your sessions and gigs.

 Arturia Synth Collection 2020.6 CSE (Win64; AAX, VST3, VST, SAL) 
  1. Arturia ARP 2600 V3 v3.6.0
  2. Arturia Buchla Easel V v1.6.0
  3. Arturia CMI V v1.6.0
  4. Arturia CS-80 V3 v3.6.0
  5. Arturia CZ V v1.2.0
  6. Arturia DX7 V v1.6.0
  7. Arturia Jup-8 V3 v3.6.0
  8. Arturia Matrix-12 V2 v2.6.0
  9. Arturia Mini V3 v3.6.0
  10. Arturia Modular V3 v3.6.0
  11. Arturia OB-Xa V  v1.0.2
  12. Arturia Pigments v2.1.1
  13. Arturia Prophet V3 v3.6.0
  14. Arturia SEM V2 v2.6.0
  15. Arturia Synclavier V v2.6.0
  16. Arturia Synthi V v1.2.0

Windows: 2.29 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Makavilli
    12 July 2020 06:23
    CSE-1.bin: The file is corrupt

    1. abdullah.au
      20 July 2020 20:52
      Same! were you able to find a workaround?
  2. wesleyt99
    12 July 2020 15:49
    Please help with installation manual.
    File corrupt
  3. abdullah.au
    20 July 2020 20:25
    I've tried a few things but I was unable to fix the CSE-1.bin corrupt file error.
  4. edithcozy9
    1 August 2020 22:51
    yes me to ,, help.. thankx before 4download your the best
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