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EndeavorFX VSVC v1.0.0 Full version

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EndeavorFX VSVC v1.0.0 Full version
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Why does every compressor sound so unique? No matter how long you match settings with your stock digital compressor, it will never have the same vibe as your favorite analog compressor. Even individual analog compressors have a unique feel. This is for many reasons; RMS detection, feedback vs feedforward design, etc. But most of it all boils down to one result: Unique attack and release shapes. 

EndeavorFX has introduced VSVC, a super-versatile, shape-shifter compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Our goal was to design a super-versatile, yet easy-to-use compressor. You can get the vibe of a pumpy RMS compressor, a snappy feedforward compressor, anything in-between, and any variation!

  • Customize your attack and release times and shapes, independently.
  • Make your compressor sound pumpy like an RMS compressor.
  • Attack and release times can be set to Zero, Infinity, and everything in between.
  • Character and sidechain hpf controls for even more sonic flexibility.
  • Quickly make customized color tailored to each track
  • Minimalist GUI with a wide range of control
  • Frequency dependent non-linearity with Zero Latency
  • Cleanly mixes into dry signal without phase issues
  • Ranges from inaudible to extreme with a huge sweet spot

Windows: 4.27 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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