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TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10 Full version

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TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10 Full version
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TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10 Full version TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10 Full version TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10 Full version
We have compiled a wide range of the best TC compression, limiter and EQ algorithms that we have ever developed. And they are ported 1:1 from our System 6000 platform, optimized for modern performance and bundled in a brand-new package along with a wealth of new features such as presets based on complex analytical findings and not least an entirely new way of presenting the audio visually, mastering decisions affect the song – from start to end – in real time as the processing is being applied. 

Professional mastering studios and legendary engineers all over the world have relied on TC Electronic processing for decades. Well, we think you should have access to the exact same mastering tools! Whether you plan on mastering for vinyl, CD or streaming services, the Finalizer App has you covered. We have included presets that you can load as perfect starting points.

 Master of Mastering 
Drawing on a long tradition of acclaimed dynamic processing and audio measuring, Finalizer comes with its own unique bag of tricks. TC Electronic’s decade-long commitment to designing the best tools for music mastering has resulted in a catalogue of innovations, that have become industry standards - from the magical System 6000 to modern studio classics like the Clarity M hardware meter. With its game-changing visual approach and powerful range of tweaked, improved and groundbreaking algorithms, Finalizer is your new one-stop mastering solution. 

 In a Single View 
The innovative SPECTRO LAB overview features three different readouts that provide detailed and useful information about your track, and assist you in making fast and accurate mastering decisions. The never seen before Spectral Dynamic Contour (patent pending) shows you the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the entire track at a glance. The high-precision Real Time Spectrum provides spectral details for a quick visualization of the real-time peak analysis and a moving average real-time RMS analysis. The Average Spectral Curve is extremely useful for comparing your music to reference tracks by showing you the average energy for each frequency band over the duration of the song. 

 Set Your Limit 
In addition to the conventional, super transparent Master Limiter derived from our hailed Brick Wall 2 algorithm, we are introducing the all new Loudness Limiter. This feature is optimised for projects aimed at modern streaming services like Spotify, Tidal,and iTunes, automatically giving them the desired loudness level. That way you can focus on how the track actually sounds and performs and let the limiter work its magic - giving your tracks the headroom they need to be defined, clear and punchy! 

 Eyes On The Prize 
Finalizer’s sleek and minimalistic design is optimised for comparing A/B tracks against each other or against your preferred reference tracks, making it easy to keep an overview of all your adjustments. Since the Finalizer mastering software is connected to finalizer.com, you an always reference your own tracks to trending hits and past and present classics. This gives you all the information you need to position your project up against what else is out there. 

 Bespoke Mastering 
With a wealth of powerful equaliser algorithms, Finalizer allows you to fine-tune your project in detail. Take your pick from a broad range of parametric EQs, low/hi cut filters, low/hi shelving EQs and Dynamic EQs that let you tailor your tracks to taste - with broad strokes or with surgical precision, as you see fit. With Finalizer you can easily obtain the perfect stereo image by tweaking and designing the spatial properties of your track. TC Electronic’s famed full-band and multiband compressors let you balance your tracks and pull specific elements to the fore with extreme precision, thanks to the combination of refined versions of our award-winning System 6000 algorithms and groundbreaking new ones. 

 Complete Control 
Finalizer’s intuitive signal processing modules give you an overview of the signal chain from the earliest preparation stage, through equalizing, stereo adjustments and compression to the final loudness limiting, where your track gets ready for export. Because before you upload your tracks to your preferred streaming services or send them off for cutting to vinyl, they’ve got to be perfect. 

 Innovation is Experimentation 
Instead of starting from scratch for every new project, Finalizer comes with a wide range of easily adjustable presets for different scenarios designed by professional mastering engineers.This provides the perfect starting point for your mastering workflow. Naturally, you can create your own presets, tailor-made for your favourite genres, so you can provide tracks with your signature finishing touch consistently.

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